My current installation work focuses on the random viewer. An audience of chance deciding to follow their intuition, becoming a part of my art. The work explores territory, spontaneity, and the willingness of the audience to take part in the piece. As much as one desires to participate, is what will be shed of my efforts, and will be what they take back. With my site specific work I grant the gift of a memorable experience, in which the viewer is taken out of their comfort zone, or what they feel is normal. I may never know the impact my work leaves on an individual, but the experimentation and uncertainty drives me. I find reason to place specific objects in the site, creating a new environment for the viewer who is willing to explore. I aim to affect the audience to feel intelligent, cared about, and alive.

Movie night & the Rita House:

 Site specific installation in which a makeshift movie theater was installed upstairs in an abandoned house. Flyers were created and posted around the surrounding town inviting all to attend a free midnight movie. The flyer included directions to the house, which sits on an old farmland, as well as tickets to tear off and bring to the site upon entry. Directions included roads and trails.The Creature from the Black Lagoon played at precisely midnight for anyone who attended. Neither myself nor friends were invited.

Four movie theater seats

Ticket box

Projected film

Battery operated projector on timer

Strangers Project:

A proposal for a series of four site specific installations that explore territory, spontaneity, and changes of the site over time.

The document pictured above is for one of the four installations titled: The Crane

The machine pictured above is for one of the four installations titled: The Lotus Eater

The model pictured above is for one of the four installations titled: The Rita House

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