Mannequin Factory: Found objects, terracotta, porcelain, acrylic paint

Storage Room: Found objects, cast iron, water

Worker 2 (subtracted): Found objects, terracotta, steel, acrylic paint

Worker 2: Found objects, terracotta, steel, acrylic paint

Worker 1: Found objects, terracotta, acrylic paint

Greenhouse: Found objects, water

Two brothers: Porcelain, bronze, acrylic paint

Bulldozer: Terracotta, acrylic paint

Excavator: Terracotta, acrylic paint

Combine Harvester: Terracotta, acrylic paint

Heavy Lifter: Terracotta, acrylic paint

Cut off saw: Terracotta, acrylic paint

Nervous Room: Found objects, ink

Waiting Room: Found objects, heart

Horse: Wax, (bronze pending)

Head & Sickle: Porcelain, acrylic paint

Commissioned creature sculpt: Roma Plasteline 

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